About Tosselilla

Skåne's largest amusement park

Tosselilla is a lovely summer country located in beautiful nature in the middle of Österlen. We have lots of activities for young and old alike. Here you can see a small selection of all the fun that Tosselilla has to offer:



Here you are guaranteed to get wet! We have 9 pools and 13 different slopes: Tossestupet, Hyper, Surfin Hill, Vilda Forsen... The water in our pools is temperate. Don't miss Tosse's large adventure pool Tosseplasket! For those of you who just want to take it easy, there are large areas with sunbeds around the water park.

Tivoli Land

No coupons or tickets are needed at Tivolilandet. Ride as much as you can, and stand last in the queue if you want to ride more. Respect our safety rules on the carousels, they are there for your sake. We have carousels for the whole family - spin warning!

Summer play

Here you can have fun in nature with a canoe or a rowing trip on the lake. Bounce high on the jumping cushions, or climb and play in all the climbing castles. Eat, socialize and have a good time at our barbecue sites (we offer charcoal & lighter fluid). Don't miss Tosse's 10 m high climbing wall, Tosseklippan. Challenge yourself and your friends!

Tarzan Forest

Swing in vines, balance on logs, play don't touch the ground in our Tarzan courses. There are two cool loops, one of which is for the little ones. Come and try if you dare! In Tarzanskogen there are also several other activities: Family and friends can challenge each other in mini golf. And down by the forest kiosk you will find Tosses Gold Washing, where you can exchange your "gold" for a genuine Tosses medal!

Fun on wheels

Here, everyone who loves speed can have fun with, among other things, go-cart tracks, mini cars and bumper boats. At Tosselilla there are two go-cart tracks; a large one for those over 1.50 m tall and the Rookie go-kart for children from 1.20-1.50 m tall. Note! You must be able to accelerate, brake and steer to drive the go-kart regardless of length.

The fool's ark

At Tosselilla we have many different animals that you can visit, for example goats, cows, highland cattle, sheep, and Linderöds pigs.

Tosselilla supports Team Rynkeby

Team Rynkeby is an international charity project that cycles to Paris every year to raise money for seriously ill children.

In Sweden, all funds collected go to the Children's Cancer Fund and the funds collected via Team Rynkeby Skolloppet go to the Children's Brain Fund.

Read more about Team Rynkeby

Tosselilla supports Mayblomman

Majblomman is a non-profit children's rights organization that works to combat child poverty in Sweden. By distributing financial support, influencing decisions and funding research, Majblomman gives children in Sweden what they are entitled to.

Every year, children and volunteers throughout Sweden collect money by participating in the sale of May flowers. Children who live in families where the money is not enough can apply for financial support up to and including the year in which the child turns 18. It can apply to a pair of football boots, the fee for a leisure activity or a visit to an amusement park

Read more about the May flower

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Press material

Here you can download a package with Tosselilla's logo in various formats, as well as a package with slightly different images from the park (JPEG, 300 ppi).

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Rent the whole of Tosselilla

Every year, many companies and associations rent the whole of Tosselilla. We are good at Family Days, fairs and other celebrations. Tosselilla receives a maximum of 3,500 visitors on a normal park day. However, we have the capacity to receive significantly more visitors for larger events. We can arrange food buffets, sausage grilling, stage and event tents. We have Skåne's largest barbecue area under roof (2×60 m).


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Via email at info@tosselilla.se.

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