Fun activities for both children and adults in Skåne

A world of adventure and fun activities

Are you looking for fun activities in Skåne, Sweden? Don't be surprised when you come across Tosselilla Sommarland, a world of adventure and fun activities for children. There are countless experiences to explore, whether you're young or old, from adrenaline-pumping attractions to laid-back family-friendly activities.

Food and drinks

To replenish your energy, there are many options to choose from, such as the Kaffestugan, the Hamburgerian, the Go-cart kiosk, the Glassbar, the Glasserian and the Churrosboden. Here you can enjoy everything from traditional Swedish food to delicious desserts.

Animals and nature

For those who love animals and nature, there are Cows, Climbing Geese, Climbing Castle, Canoes & boats, Cabbage Mask, Linderöds Pig, Highland Cattle, Goats and Sheep to explore and get to know. There are also fun playgrounds such as Swings, Giant Bouncy Pillow, Junior Bouncy Pillow, Jumping Boot, Cable Car, Mini Cars, Elephant Slide, Convoy, Bumper Boats, Balloon, Children's Pool, Teacup, Playland, Giant Ram, Junior Water Slide, Trampoline and Pig Train for the kids to enjoy.

Fun activities for the whole family

Adrenaline filled attractions

  • Forza, Vilda Forsen and Hyper: these three roller coasters will send you and your children on a breathtaking journey filled with thrills and nerve-wracking experiences.
  • Extreme Fly, Waltzer and Wild Mouse: these attractions are for the bravest. Hold on to your hat and prepare for an adrenaline-filled journey.
  • 170m Water slide and Surfing Hill: if you like water-based attractions, these water slides are the most fun you can find in Scania.

Quiet family activities

  • The tossing pool, Rookie Go-cart and Go-cart: these activities are perfect for the family looking for a little more quiet adventure but still want to have fun.
  • Tosseplasket, Tosseklippan and Tivoligrillen: Here the family can enjoy water activities, adventure courses and good food.
  • The Tarzan Trail, Spider Web and Slush: Experience nature with these climbing and balancing tracks, and then cool off with a slush from the Forest Kiosk.

Fun activities for the little ones

  • Swimming pool, radio cars and the gadget store: Perfect for the youngest in the family who want to experience Tosselilla at their level.
  • Pizza hut & barbecue area, Minigolf and Tosses Traffic School: Let the little ones try driving a car, play minigolf or just enjoy a good pizza.
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