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Huge Waterland with lots of cool attractions! Ride breathtaking water slides such as Hyper, Vilda Forsen and much more that will entertain both young and old. Do you need to replenish your energy? Then there is several eateries to choose from with everything from a tasty hamburger or pizza, to churros, ice cream and traditional coffee. Also take the opportunity to explore more attractions in Tivoliland, Tarzan Forest, Tossearken, Fun on Wheels and Summer Play. 

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water country

Curious about Skåne's largest water park?
Here are some of the water park's most popular attractions. A real paradise in Skåne for everyone who loves water parks!

Spectacular Hyper

Did you know that Hyper is Europe's longest and fastest ProRacer with a speed of approx. 50 km/h. The ride distance is 115 metres, the drop height 18 metres. Compete and see who gets to the finish line the fastest!


170 m Water slide

On the 170-metre long water slide, things get away in the turns. Here it is full speed from start to finish! A popular slide for all speed lovers! You try with.

The success Tosseplasket

A 1000(!) square meter water adventure has been a success in our Vattenland with several exciting water slides! Come here and discover all the exciting passages and tracks.

Wild Forsen

Vilda Forsen offers a super fun and winding water experience. Here you ride on large, colorful car tires quickly down a swinging rapid with gushing water.

9 heated Pools

Our Waterland has 9 heated pools for swimming and other fun. Do you want to take it a little easier? Relax for a while in the sun lounger or on the lawn before it's time for new activities.

Surfing Hill

At Surfing Hill, the little ones have fun surfing down a smaller one that isn't as scary as the big water attractions. Here you can surf three in a row at the same time.

The Junior and Elephant slides

In the Junior and Elephant slides, the smaller children whiz down at a slightly slower pace than in the large slides. Fun and appreciated water adventures among the little ones!

Welcome to Tosselilla's Water Paradise
Here it is packed with water attractions for the whole family and we are open every day all summer!
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