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Tivoli with stomach-churning ride experiences

The Tivoli at Tosselilla's Sommarland offers an exciting family adventure with fast-paced rides such as Extreme Fly and Hoppetossan. There are also carousels for the smaller children such as the roller coaster Kålmasken and the dizzying Ballongen. Take a break at one of our pleasant eateries and then continue on to more fun adventures in Skåne's largest amusement park.

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amusement park

Tivoli with carousels for the whole family
Tivoli with dizzying attractions for those who dare and appropriately scary carousels for the little ones. Here is something for everyone!


Wild mouse

Vilda Musen is a 15 meter high roller coaster that you simply cannot miss. It one of Tosselilla's most popular attractions.

The teacup

A dizzying ride in large teacups which at the same time spins around its own axis. A fun spinning toy for the little ones that can be ridden over and over again.

The cabbage worm

The family favorite Kålmasken is a mini roller coaster designed as a happy cabbage worm that goes around at a child-friendly pace.

The balloon

Here you fly in a spinning hot air balloon that spins around and around and around. A fun children's carousel where you are guaranteed to get giddy.

Extreme Fly

Extreme Fly is an awesome ride experience, a worst carousel for daring visitors. Here you are spun around high in the air while rotating with your feet up and your head down.

The jumping boot

Take a ride in Hoppetossan, which first goes up slowly and you have time to enjoy the view before the next moment it goes down at full speed with a lot of tingles in your stomach.

Welcome to Tosselilla's Tivoli
Discover all the fun rides for young and old. We are open every day all summer!
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