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Tivoli with stomach-churning ride experiences

A visit to Tosselilla is not complete without trying some of the many carousels and rides that our amusement park offers. There is something here for all ages and gives the whole family a day of joy. Discover everything from classic carousels like the Teacup, to more fast-paced experiences like the Forza roller coaster.

For the youngest children, Tosselilla offers a range of small rides adapted to their age and size. The children can, among other things, enjoy a fun balloon ride, try driving radio cars, or let their stomachs tickle with the small roller coaster Kålmasken.

With us, we are sure that you will have a fast-paced day where young and old will have fun together!

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Carousel at Tosselilla Tivoli

A Tivoli for the whole family

Tosselilla is designed to be an amusement park suitable for the whole family, regardless of age. Here, both young and old children can find rides and activities that suit their interests and courage. Our amusement park is also well equipped with facilities that make it easy for parents to look after their children, such as pram parking, changing tables and friendly staff.

At Tosselilla, safety is one of the highest priorities. All rides and activities are carefully supervised by experienced and well-trained staff, and regular safety checks are carried out to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the park without worry. The park also offers convenient facilities such as parking, toilets and seating, to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

After a day at Tosselilla, we want the whole family to feel that you have had a joyful day. If it is the children who have ridden all our different attractions or the parents who have seen the joy in their children's eyes. We are a family park that ensures that all ages have a fantastic day at our amusement park.

Bergodalbana at Tosselilla Tivoli

Wild mouse

Vilda Musen is a 15 meter high roller coaster that is designed to be fun and exciting for the whole family, but mainly for the very little ones. The Wild Mouse is a ride that offers a perfect combination of speed and excitement, without being too scary for the younger children. This makes Wild Mouse an excellent attraction for all ages, and a definite favorite among visitors to Tosselilla. Be sure to put Wild Mouse on your "must-try" list when you visit Tosselilla.

The carousel teacup at Tosselilla Sommarlands Tivoli

The teacup

The Teacup is one of the most beloved and classic carousels at Tosselilla, and has been a favorite among visitors of all ages for many years. With its colorful and rotating teacups, this merry-go-round is both charming and fun, offering a perfect experience for the whole family to enjoy together. The slower speed and smooth movements mean that even the youngest visitors can enjoy the ride without feeling scared. For the slightly older and more adventurous, the speed and movements can be adjusted to create a more exciting experience.

Karusell The Cabbage Mask at Tosselilla Sommarland's Tivoli Gardens

The cabbage worm

Family favorite Kålmasken is a mini roller coaster that is tailored for young children, with a slow pace that is perfect for their age and size. Shaped like a cute and colorful cabbage worm, the train takes children on a fun journey through a beautiful and imaginative environment.

The Balloon Carousel at Tosselilla Sommarland's Tivoli Gardens

The balloon

The balloon is a lovely and colorful attraction at Tosselilla that takes visitors on a magical journey into the air. Here you fly in a spinning hot air balloon that spins around and around and around. A fun children's carousel where you are guaranteed to get giddy and have the opportunity to have a fantastic view of the park and the surroundings.

Vrålåket Extreme Fly at Tosselilla Sommarland's Tivoli

Extreme Fly

Extreme Fly is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-filled attractions at Tosselilla, and is a favorite among visitors looking for a truly challenging and heart-pounding experience. With its fast turns, high altitudes and powerful accelerations, Extreme Fly is a ride that truly tests the limits of courage and excitement. Here you are spun around high in the air while rotating with your feet up and your head down.

Karusell Hoppetossan at Tosselilla Sommarland's Tivoli Gardens

The jumping boot

Take a ride in Hoppetossan, a mini free fall, which first goes up slowly so you have time to enjoy the view before the next moment it comes down at full speed with a tickling feeling in your stomach. The jumping jack is one of our rides that is adapted for the little ones who want to experience excitement and a guaranteed smile on their faces afterwards. Hopefully one of those carousels that the little ones want to ride over and over again.

Welcome to Tosselilla's Tivoli Skåne

Tosselilla is a fantastic destination for the whole family, giving you and your family a complete experience of attractions, food, drink and community.

In addition to our Tivoliland, Tosselilla offers, among other things, a variety of other activities such as one of the largest water parks in Sweden with several fast-paced attractions. The Tarzan Forest with exciting trails and gold panning or the Tosseark where you will have the opportunity to meet several different animals.

To keep your energy up during your visit to Tosselilla's Tivoli, we offer a large selection of food and drinks for the whole family. Here you can enjoy delicious fast food options such as hamburgers and pizza. After the meal, or if you just want something sweet, there is everything from churros, slush and ice cream. No matter what you're craving, you won't go hungry here.

If you want to bring your own food, there are barbecue areas with charcoal and lighter fluid to use.

Plan your visit to Tosselilla today

Plan your visit to Tosselilla today and experience everything that our fantastic fairground in Skåne has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to a magical day filled with laughter, excitement and wonderful memories to enjoy!

Take part of our opening hours, tickets & prices and other information which may be important before the visit to our amusement park. We always recommend pre-booking tickets both to avoid the administrative cost and to ensure that there is space in the park on the day you want to visit us.

Welcome to Tosselilla - Sweden's amusement park for young and old!

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Map of Tosselilla Sommarland

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