Radio cars

Experience the thrill of the radio cars

At Tosselilla, an adventure awaits the whole family with our exciting and popular radio-controlled cars! Feel the wind as you accelerate around the track and steer your way through the turns - here you have full control behind the wheel. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Rules for driving radio cars

The radio cars are a classic and a favorite for all ages. To ensure the safety of all small drivers, children driving themselves must be at least 120 cm tall to be able to reach down to the pedals in the cars. To ride with a parent, you must be at least 100 cm tall.

Safety always comes first

Although full speed applies, it is important to remember that our radio cars are not suitable for the very smallest or people with neck or back problems due to the risk of collision. Our radio-controlled cars are equipped with safety devices, and we ask all drivers to follow the road signs and staff instructions.

Ride, laugh, repeat as many times as you want

If you want more high-speed fun, just rejoin the queue after your ride in our radio-controlled cars. Our employees are always there to ensure a safe experience, but they also have the right to reject guests who do not follow the rules.

Come to Tosselilla and experience the joy of the radio cars

Come and experience why the radio cars are more than just a ride. It's a chance to make memories, share laughs, and feel the thrill of driving a car.


KategoriTivoli Land
Length requirement120 cm (100 cm in adult company)
Family activity. Children can travel with an adult. The child must meet any height requirements.
en_GBEnglish (UK)