Tosselilla Sommarland is an outdoor park with a large area (500,000 m2) and large green areas, and we do everything we can to ensure that our visitors have as safe an experience as possible:

Waterland Guidelines

  • All bathers must wear swimwear. Have you forgotten? Available to buy in the Prylboden.
  • The smallest children must use a swimming diaper. Available to buy in the Prylboden.
  • Using arm cuffs works well. Available to buy in the Prylboden.
  • The pools are heated and usually around 22-25 degrees C, may vary depending on the weather.
  • We may need to close parts of the water park during repairs, cleaning, etc. Compensation will not be paid in that case.
  • As a parent, you are responsible for your child's safety. Never be more than arm's length away from your child!
  • There are lifeguards on site, always follow their instructions.
  • Our bath attendants have undergone training in lifesaving and CPR, but it is always you as a parent who is responsible for your child.


Daily procedures

  • For everyone's safety, there are continuous checks on playgrounds and rides. They are inspected annually by the competent authority according to current regulations.


First aid

  • Defibrillators are available in the area, all staff know where they are.



  • Some of our attractions have height and weight requirements, for safety reasons.
  • We may occasionally need to close certain attractions due to maintenance or for safety reasons caused by, for example, weather. Compensation is then not paid out.

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