Things to do in Skåne

Things to do at Tosselilla Sommarland

Are you looking for things to do with the whole family in Scania? Then Tosselilla Sommarland is the obvious choice for fun activities for children in Scania. At Tosselilla in Skåne there is more than just fun rides in all attractions. The park offers, among other things, mini golf, a water park, a zoo and much more – perfect for children in Skåne who want an unforgettable day full of adventure.

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Riding the water slide is one of the many things to do in Scania at Tosselilla Sommarland

Tosselilla – more than just an amusement park

Tosselilla is more than just a theme park – it's a place where adventure awaits. So, if you're looking for tips on things to do in Scania, come to Tosselilla. Whether you're an adventure hunter, nature lover, or just looking for a fun day out with the family, Tosselilla has something for everyone. See all our fun activities that are available to do in Skåne. We are open all summer.

A girl rides the water slide at Tosselilla in Skåne

Fun to do in Vattenlandet

In Vattenlandet, there are lots of fast-paced water activities that amuse both young and old. Choose Spectacular Hyper if you're cocky or the suitably scary Surfing Hill for slightly younger children. An appreciated visit with plenty to do for the whole family.

Free fall for children at Tosselilla in Skåne

Fun to do in Tivolilandet

In Tivolilandet there is a lot of stomach-churning and fast-paced things to do for children and adults. An awesome family adventure with rides such as the worst thing Extreme Fly, the dizzying Hoppetossan, the popular Wild Mouse and the dizzying Teacup.

A hamburger at the Hamburgerian on Tosselilla

Eat and drink

Of course, there are eateries with good food and drink. Sit down and eat a tasty hamburger at Tivoligrillen, freshly baked pizza at Pizzastugan, cool off with a refreshing slush, replenish your energy at the Churrosboden or choose to relax with coffee.

When you are looking for things to do with children in Skåne, try the Tarzan Trail in the Tarzan Forest at Tosselilla

Things to do in Tarzan Forest

In the Tarzan Forest, you swing forward in lianas and balance on logs. Choose to challenge yourself on the Tarzan Trail and then swing on into the Dinosaur Park, where you are transported 65 million years back in time. Those who want can also wash gold and play mini golf.

Take the opportunity to visit our Highland Cattle in Tossearken at Tosselilla

Things to do in Tossearken

What would an excursion destination for children be without a zoo? In the Tosseark there are large and small four-legged animals. Say hello to our tame goats or check out the tall Highland Cattle with big horns and long fur. There are also grunting Linderöds pigs, lowing cows and woolly sheep.

People climb a climbing wall at Tosselilla

Summer play with lots to do

Summer play is packed with activities. Here the children jump, climb, play and frolic with each other on Giant Jumping Cushions, Trampoline, Tosseklippan, Klätterborg, Cable Car, Canoes & boats and lots of other fun.

Families enjoy Tosselilla's heated pools

9 heated pools

Summer play is packed with activities. Here the children jump, climb, play and frolic with each other on Giant Jumping Cushions, Trampoline, Tosseklippan, Klätterborg, Cable Car, Canoes & boats and lots of other fun.

Children ride Go-Cart on Tosselilla's Go-cart track

Fun on wheels

On the Go-cart track, it goes away. Challenge your friends in a fast-paced ride. There is also a Rookie Go-cart for the slightly smaller children who can steer, brake and gas themselves, and at Tosses Trafikskola the even smaller children aged 4-8 drive themselves in minicars on the track.

An adventure in Scania for the whole family

Tosselilla is an adventure for the whole family. From the adrenaline-filled rides to the calming green areas, there is always something to do at Scania's largest amusement park - Tosselilla. Regardless of age, the whole family can enjoy fun activities and entertainment in a safe and friendly environment in beautiful south-eastern Scania.

A place in Skåne County for learning and discovery

Tosselilla is not only a place for laughter and play. There is also a place for learning and discovery. Children in Skåne can explore the zoo and gain an understanding of nature in an educational and fun way.

An adventure awaits near you

If you live in Ängelholm, Helsingborg, Lund, Malmö, Åhus, Hässleholm, Ystad, Österlen or Kristianstad, it is not difficult to find Tosselilla. If you are thinking of visiting us you can easily find here.

Come to Tosselilla if you are looking for things to do in Scania

It's time to embark on an adventure you'll never forget. Welcome to Tosselilla, a unique experience filled with excitement, learning, and many unforgettable memories. With something for everyone to enjoy, Tosselilla is the best place for kids in Scania looking for things to do with the whole family, whether you're a local resident or a curious tourist.

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