Minigolf Skåne

Welcome to our fantastic mini golf. With its variety of holes and creative obstacles, it offers challenges and laughs for the whole family. Here you can test your skills, hone your precision and try to navigate the ball past all the fun and clever obstacles. Minigolf is an exciting activity where you can test your skill and patience, and it is difficult to "putt" if you lose. The best of all? Playing mini golf with us is completely free. After a great round, you simply return the clubs and balls to us. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you will enjoy every minute on our course in Skåne.

Why choose Tosselilla's mini golf course?

  • No extra cost: With us, it's completely free to play mini golf once you've entered the park. Experience the excitement at no extra cost!
  • For all ages: Our course is designed to suit everyone, regardless of age or skill level you can play.
  • Amazing obstacles: Each hole on our course offers a unique challenge that tests your precision and skill.
  • Perfect location: Located in the middle of Skåne together with a lot of other fun activities. Our course is easily accessible and a must for all miniature golf enthusiasts.

More than just mini golf in Skåne

At Tosselilla Sommarland there is more to explore than just mini golf. Discover one wide range of activities that suits the whole family. From thrilling rides to relaxing moments at our eateries, we have something for everyone.

Easily accessible and close to Malmö

Set in the beautiful countryside of Skåne, Tosselilla is only a short drive from Malmö, making it an ideal day trip. Regardless of whether you live in Malmö or another place in Skåne, Tosselilla is perfect for a day full of fun.

Mini golf is suitable for the whole family

Mini golf is a fun activity that unites generations. With its simple, yet challenging nature, it is perfect for all ages, from the youngest children to grandparents as well. Playing miniature golf together creates fun memories for everyone.

Book your visit to Tosselilla today!

Visit our website for more information about opening hours and how to plan your visit. Remember, there are also other activities besides just mini golf to discover at Tosselilla Sommarland. We look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable experience with mini golf in Scania!

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