Before the visit

The Tosselilla map

Do you need a little more bird's eye view of life? On the Tosselilla map, you can see where the various activities are in relation to each other, so you can plan your visit down to the last detail!

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Good to know

Are you going to visit Tosselilla for the first time?
Here are some things that may be good to know before the visit.


Book and pay for your tickets online via our webshop. When buying tickets on site in the park, an administrative fee of SEK 50 is added to the ticket price. Inside the park, you can pay by card at all points of sale. You can withdraw cash in Informationen and Prylboden. At some of our restaurants, ordering and payment are handled via the WEIQ Order app, scroll down for more info. You need SEK 10 coins for our safes and for our pedal boats and canoes (on the boats you get the coin back when the boat is returned). We do not accept American Express or Dankort.


Parking fee is SEK 50 per car and day. Payment is made via Parkster, EasyPark or Apcoa Flow. There are also payment machines at the entrance. Your registration number is automatically read by the system.

Smoking ban

Smoking is prohibited in public areas at Tosselilla. Smokers are directed to special smoking zones (see map).

Storage cabinets & cupboards

Storage lockers are available in Vattenlandet. These cost SEK 10. Tosselilla is not responsible for locked items. Closets are available for rent at the information NOTE! Limited number, first come first served. We recommend that you book the skrinda online through our webshop.

The pools

Most of our pools are heated. Sunbeds are available to borrow free of charge. The pool attendants supervise the pool areas. ATTENTION! The pools have different depths; 0.70–1.20 m. See markings at the pools. There is a paddling pool for the little ones. Children who cannot swim must have a buoyancy aid and be supervised by an adult. Our bath attendants have limited ability to supervise all bathers. Therefore, it is important that parents and guardians watch over their own family members. As a parent, you are always responsible for your child.

The lake

Note that the lake is 1.70 m deep. There are canoes and boats to row out with, but use a life jacket. Coins are needed for the boats, but are recovered after use.


It is only permitted to swim in a swimsuit, bikini, burkini, swimming shorts or swimming trunks, no underwear under the swimwear. For everyone's comfort, small children should wear a swim nappy. A limited selection is available for purchase in the Prylboden.

Bath hosts

The pool hosts have the right to reject guests who do not follow the applicable instructions. Tosselilla's bath attendants have undergone training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and medical care. We remind you that it is always the parents' responsibility to be responsible for their children.

Go cart

You must be at least 150 cm tall (120 cm on the Rookie Go-cart) to drive, and wear a helmet, shirt and shoes. The go-cart tracks are closed in rainy weather due to safety risks. 2 rides with the go-kart are included in the entrance fee.


The Hamburgerian, the Tivoli Grill, the Go-cart kiosk, the Churrosboden, the Pizza- and Kaffestugan, kiosks and ice cream bars are available with the most popular dishes. In Hamburgerian, Pizzastugan and Tivoligrillen, you can only place your food order via the WEIQ Order app.

Think before

Not only when you play, but also before you go home. It's easy to forget a towel or bag. Please take inventory of your packing before the journey home.

Accommodation and other activities

For accommodation and other activity tips visit: or For more information, get in touch

Dog ban

Due to the fact that we have free-roaming birds and animals, we do not allow dogs in the park. Only certified guide dogs on a leash are permitted.

Order and pay on your mobile

With the WEIQ app, you can order food from Hamburgerian, Tivoligrillen and Pizzastugan. Read more about the WEIQ app below.

Craving for barbecue?

No problem! At Tosselilla there are plenty of barbecue areas, and we offer barbecue charcoal and lighter fluid. Disposable grills are not permitted in the park.


Food in the stomach - adventure all day!
Now you can order and pay for your food directly on your mobile

With the WEIQ Order app, you can easily order food online from the Hamburgerian, the fairground grill and the Pizza Hut. You don't have to queue and can instead use your time for all our exciting activities. Eat on site or take your food with you to one of our scenic picnic areas.

How to use:

  1. Download the WEIQ Order app
  2. Choose which restaurant you want to order from
  3. Place your order
  4. Pay easily with card or Swish
  5. You will receive a notification when your order is ready for collection

Given the current restrictions, we would like to ask that only one person from each party collects the food. The cooking time may vary, please wait for pick-up until you have received a notice in the app.

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