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Go-karting in Skåne - the best go-karting experience for the whole family!

Enjoy an adrenaline-filled day on our go-kart track in Skåne! At Tosselilla, a unique go-karting experience is offered for everyone, young and old, experienced or beginners. Come and experience a fast-paced day on our go-kart track in the heart of Scania. Whether you live in Malmö, Helsingborg or somewhere else in Skåne, Tosselilla is well worth a visit.

Go-karts for children and adults

We have a go-kart track that suits everyone! For the younger ones, from 10 years and up, as well as for adults of all ages. For the younger ones, there are go-karts for children in Skåne that are perfect.

A course of top quality

Our go-kart track stretches several hundred meters around the area, complete with an authentic pit that gives the feeling of a real race. Feel the adrenaline rush as you whiz around the several hundred meter long course!

Easy to book

Booking your time at the go-kart track has never been easier. Whether you are from Malmö, Helsingborg or another place in Scania, our booking service is flexible and easy to use. We at Tosselilla offer various options for booking everything from the smallest child, groups, per person for half a day to a long and lovely full day! Book already today! Everyone wants to come to Tosselilla!

Safety first

When you drive a go-kart with us, you don't have to worry. We give top priority to safety and ensure that everyone drives with the right equipment. Our professional team always monitors the track and makes sure that the drivers follow the safety regulations. Younger people can also ride in the company of adults, as long as they meet our height requirement.

To ensure a safe experience, we recommend avoiding loose clothing. Please come prepared with comfortable clothing suitable for a race. Remember to avoid items of clothing that can get stuck, such as scarves or shawls, to minimize risks on the course.

Discover more with Tosselilla

In addition to driving go-karts, there is much more to explore at Tosselilla. After a couple of laps on the go-kart track, you are welcome to take part in our other activities. For example, try our adventure courses, enjoy a ride on our mini-train or cool off in our water park. At Tosselilla, a whole day of fun and adventure awaits the whole family!

Affordable experience

With us, you get a lot of go-karts for the money. Two laps are included in the entrance fee, and if you want to ride more, you can of course book more laps.

Perfect for events

Are you interested in driving a go-kart in Skåne outdoors for a company event, birthday party or just a fun day with the family? Please contact us for more details! With our central location in Skåne, it is easy to get to us from both Malmö and Helsingborg.

Welcome to Tosselilla, for a lovely long day with, to say the least, a lot of different experiences from carousels and fast-paced races, water parks and play! Book your go-kart Skåne, near Malmö, already today!

common questions and answers

How much does it cost to drive a go-kart?

At Tosselilla you get a lot of value for money. Two laps on the go-kart track are included in the entrance fee, but if you want to drive more, it is fine to book more laps at a favorable price.

Do you have to have a driving license to drive a go-kart?

No, you do not need a driving license to drive a go-kart at Tosselilla. We have instructions and everything you could possibly need for a safe driving experience.

What is the age limit for go-karting?

With us, even young people from the age of 10 can have fun with go-karts. Children under this age can ride accompanied by an adult, as long as they meet our height requirement.

Can you drive a go-kart when it's raining?

For safety reasons, we close the go-kart course in the event of rain to avoid the risk of slipping.

Can you drive go-karts on roads?

No, our go-karts are only intended for driving on our go-kart track at Tosselilla.

Can you roll over with a go-kart?

Our go-karts are designed for maximum stability, but as with all vehicles, there are risks. Therefore, it is important to always follow our safety instructions.

What is required to drive a go-kart?

All you need to take a go-kart ride at Tosselilla is the desire to have fun, follow our safety rules and meet our height requirement.

Can children drive go-karts?

Yes, children from the age of 10 can go for a spin with our go-karts. Younger people can ride in the company of an adult, provided they meet our height requirement.

Hope to see you soon at Tosselilla for an unforgettable go-kart experience!


KategoriFun on wheels
Length requirement150 cm
Family activity. Children can travel with an adult. The child must meet any height requirements.
en_GBEnglish (UK)