Information about covid-19

Information about covid-19

Tosselilla Sommarland is an outdoor park with a large area (500,000 m2) and large green areas, with very few places where visitors can stay indoors. But we still do everything we can to prevent the spread of covid-19. Tosselilla follows Visita's "safe to visit" guidelines.

Safe to visit round digital

Action list

In order to be able to open the park in a safe and responsible manner on June 5, 2021, we have implemented the following measures:

  • The number of visitors is greatly reduced in the park: This year, everyone must book their tickets before visiting Tosselilla. Everyone is advised to make their ticket booking online here
  • Lockers are recommended to be booked online.
  • There will be covid hosts deployed to be able to answer questions and, if necessary, control if there is a crowd.
  • The cleaning routines have been reviewed, the number of cleaning occasions in toilets and other vulnerable areas has been increased.
  • Exposed "touch" surfaces will be regularly disinfected.
  • There are hand sanitizer stations at attractions, restrooms, and food outlets.
  • As visitors, you will see special signs with information about covid-19, according to the Public Health Agency's guidelines.
  • The staff is well informed and is offered the option of visors and mouth guards. In case of the slightest symptoms, the staff is asked to stay at home.
  • Indoor restaurants and the sauna in Vattenlandet will be closed as an extra security measure.
  • To avoid queues, Tosselilla has joined the WEIQ Order app, where you can order food and buy tickets for entertainment games. Read more about WEIQ here.
  • In Hamburgerian, it will only be possible to order food via the WEIQ Order app.
  • As usual, Tosselilla offers barbecue charcoal and lighter fluid for those of you who prefer to bring your own picnic.
  • Tables at receptions have been spread out sparsely.
  • At the attractions where the distance is not enough, some places in the attractions will not be filled up. Of course, it is fine to go together if you are in the same group.
  • Lifeguards supervising pool areas will, if necessary, ask you to keep your distance from each other.
  • The Tossestupet attraction is closed until further notice to reduce queues at adjacent attractions.

What can you as a visitor do to help?

  • Make your seat reservation online.
  • At the slightest symptom, cancel your visit. You then have the option to reschedule your visit to another day.
  • Keep the recommended distance from other visitors in the park.
  • Use our hand sanitizer stations often and well.
  • Download the WEIQ Order app and place your food order there instead of queuing.
  • Only one person per party is recommended to order and collect food.
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