The mad race
21 July 2023

The mad race!!!

The mad race! 

We end the season on 13/8 with a lively race with speed and fun challenges along the route. 
All children with running in their legs - Get ready for a joyful run of just under 1km. 

The challenges along the way are of a level of difficulty that any child over the age of 4 can handle. The race is divided into different age categories;
4-6 years at 11.00 (tip, run with your parent)
7-9 years at 11.30
10-14 years at 12.00.  

No times are taken here, but the focus should be on having fun and being silly. Start and finish on the large green area by the stage. Number plates are collected on site, also at the stage. Everyone who finishes gets a medal and other goodies. 

Book online to secure your place for the race and for a fast-paced end to the season at Tosselilla. The race is included in the entrance fee. If you have bought a season ticket, group booking or pre-purchase through Christmas/Halloween tickets, you book by contacting our information at 


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